September 23, 2016

FISHING REPORT September 23rd, 2016 The sun finally decided to make an appearance and we aren't complaining. With a few boats fishing offshore today ” Spring Mix II” released one White Marlin. “Bills 4 Bills” returned to the docks with 8 Mahi. “Wrecker” came back with 25 Mahi and released 2 White Marlin. “Talkin Trash” caught… Read more »

AUGUST 27TH 2016

AUGUST 27TH FISHING REPORT Offshore today “HUSEVO” returned to the docks with 4 Yellow Fin tuna. “TURN ME LOOSE” caught 18Yellow Fin tuna. “MOORE BILLS” returned to the docks with 15 Yellow Fin tuna and one Mahi. “FOOLISH PLEASURES” also caught an impressive 18 Yellow Fin tuna. “BILLS FOR BILLS” returned with 2 Yellow Fin… Read more »


AUGUST 25TH FISHING REPORT Offshore “SPRING MIX II” had one Blue Marlin release. “PLAYMATE” came back to the docks with 4 Mahi and released one White Marlin. “LAST CALL” caught a nice 20lb Mahi. “REEL DIRECT” released a White Marlin out there today.  “HAULIN N BAULIN” released 4 White Marlin. “WRECKER” caught one Mahi and… Read more »


AUGUST 24TH FISHING REPORT Offshore “HUSEVO” returned with one Yellow Fin tuna and released one White Marlin. “TALKIN TRASH” weighed in one White Marlin and released 2. “MOORE BILLS” released 5 White Marlin. “PLAYMATE” released 5 White Marlin. “FOOLISH PLEASURES” returned with 11 Yellow Fin tuna. “WRECKER” “CATCH 22” caught 36 Mahi and released 2… Read more »

AUGUST 20TH 2016

AUGUST 20TH FISHING REPORT “SPRING MIX II” caught 1 Wahoo. “LAST CALL” returned with 10 Mahi. “MUFF DIVER” caught 1 Yellow Fin tuna and 3 Mahi. “WAYNES WORLD” came back to the docks with 2 Yellow fin tuna. “GAME ON” released 1 Blue Marlin along with a handful of Skipjack tuna. “GAME OVER” caught 1… Read more »