August 10, 2016

Day number 3 for the open today with 185 boats fishing. We had a total of 27 White releases, 22 dolphin,brought back, and a variety of sharks. The boat “Anticipation” and “Game On” released 4 whites today.”Haulin N' Baulin” and “Reel Direct” both released 2 whites. “Reel Direct” did bring 1 White to the scales all though it did not qualify. The “Anlger”, “Moxie Boys, “Moore Bills”, “Last Call” and “Berzerker” all released 2 white marlin and “Turn Me Loose”, and “Spring Mix II” released 2 white marlin each with 9 dolphin for the “Turn Me Loose” and 10 for “Spring Mix II”. The boat “Wayne's World” came in with 1 release and a mahi, and “Foolish Pleasures” and “Catch 22” had 1 release as well. “Brown Dog” had no white action today but they did come home with 2 nice dolphin for the family. Now for the shark report we had “MJS” that brought a scalloped hammerhead to the scales, on the “Fish Finder” they had Duskys, Spinners, and 1 Sharpnose.