AUGUST 11TH, 2016

Day 4 of the open today with a total of 242 boats fishing. The boat “GAME ON” came back with 2 Mahi, and released 1 White Marlin. “GAME OVER” caught 2 Mahi. “ANTICIPATION” released 3 White Marlin. “ASALT WEAPON” released 3 White Marlin and brought back 1 Mahi. “AMANDAS MAYHEM” returned to the docks with 6 Mahi. “BERZERKER” released 1 White Marlin. “TURN ME LOOSE” released 1 White Marlin. “WRECKER” released 1 Blue Marlin and caught 7 Mahi. “TWO TIMING CONNIE” returned with 7 Mahi. “ALL IN” released 3 White Marlin. “GOT FISH TOO” caught a handful of Mahi, released 2 White Marlin, and weighed in a 41 pound Wahoo putting them in 3rd place in the Wahoo division.