AUGUST 20TH 2016


“SPRING MIX II” caught 1 Wahoo. “LAST CALL” returned with 10 Mahi. “MUFF DIVER” caught 1 Yellow Fin tuna and 3 Mahi. “WAYNES WORLD” came back to the docks with 2 Yellow fin tuna. “GAME ON” released 1 Blue Marlin along with a handful of Skipjack tuna. “GAME OVER” caught 1 Mahi. “MOORE BILLS” returned with 5 Mahi and released 1 White Marlin. “WRECKER” released 1 Blue Marlin. “PLAYMATE” released 1 White Marlin. “FOOLISH PLEASURES” returned with 3 Yellow fin tuna. “BERZERKER” released 1 Blue Marlin. “A SALT WEAPON” released one Blue Marlin and one White Marlin. “OC GUIDE SERVICE” caught 7 keeper Flounder, 7 Sea Bass, 2 Mahi, and 40 Crokers. “BAY BEE” caught 4 keeper Flounder along with plenty of throwbacks. “BILLS 4 BILLS” returned with 1 Mahi and 1 Tile Fish.