August 4, 2012

Today was an exciting day at the Ocean City Fishing Center, between our charter fleet and the private boats our boys released over 30 white marlin. The girls on the “Moore Bills” were fishing in the “Heels and Reels” tournament today and Captain Rob Skillman led them to an impressive 8 white marlin releases as well as 3 substantial dolphin. Another phenomenal day was had at the poor mans canyon today aboard the “Playmate” with Captain Jeremy Shandrowski. Captain Jeremy released a total of 6 white marlin and blue marlin which was estimated at 700 pounds. All of the marlin were firsts for the charter, congrats to everyone aboard the “Playmate” today! At the Washington canyon Captain Steve Reddish on the “Blue Runner” released 2 white marlin, and returned to the docks with satisfied customers! One of our private boats the “Lite Bite” with Captain Richard Carey also ventured to the Washington today and released a white marlin. More white marlin were released aboard the “Hot Rod” today with Captain Steve Selander who took a very special charter today. A large gaffer dolphin around 20 pounds was brought in on the “Tale to Tail” with Captain Joel Wadkins. While it may have seemed like the tuna bite shut off recently, it hasn’t. Captain Dale Lisi proved everyone wrong today while trolling at the Wilmington he snagged a 209 pound big eye and a few dolphin. (see photo). More tuna were seen on the private boat the “Luna-Sea” where Captain Larry Dougherty returned with 3 yellow fin tuna, a dolphin, and a white marlin release.  An impressive yellow fin came off of the “M-Kelli-Jean-E” today that was large enough to snag the new leaderboard position, The yellow fin weighed in at 55 pounds and was caught by Sony Snodgrass, the crew also released a white marlin today. The Pilapaskus crew on the “Karen Lynn” had a great day today and released 6 white marlin, and a dolphin today. Another one of our private boats the “Got Fish II” with Captain Tim Talbot released 2 whites and a dolphin today as well. At the end of the evening the “Jet Lag” returned with a white release despite some engine trouble. Katie Reed on the “Tuna Dog” with the help of Captain Eric Gilley released her first white marlin today. The crew also released 2 tiger sharks and a mako today. Further inshore the “Morning Star” with Captain Monty Hawkins had an abundance of flounder, and sea bass. The heaviest flounder weighed-in at 6.3 pounds and the heaviest sea bass at 3 pounds, a few of his customers limited out on flounder today as well. More keeper flounder(>17″)  8 to be exact were seen aboard the bay private charter the “Get Sum” with Captain Nick Clemente today, these fish were also accompanied by a multitude of throwbacks. Throwbacks were the name of the game today on the bay head boat the “Bay Bee” with Captain Mikey Walsh. Overall the fishing is red hot right now; don’t miss your chance to fish with Ocean City’s Premier Charter Fleet today! This week should be fairly busy with the upcoming White Marlin Open!
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