OFFSHORE Capt. Mark on the “HUSEVO” returned to the docks with 2 Yellowfin tuna, 1 Bluefin tuna, and 1 Mahi. Capt. Wayne aboard the “MUFF DIVER” came back with 2 Bluefin tuna, and 1 Golden Tile fish. Capt. Steve on the “GAME OVER” returned with 4 Mahi. Capt. Shane on the “MOORE BILLS” caught 2 Yellowfin tuna, and 1 Mahi. Capt. Jeremy aboard the “WRECKER” got 5 Mahi along with 2 White Marlin releases fishing in the Kids Classic Tournament. Capt. Mark on the “FISH FINDER” had a good day with a handful of Spinner Sharks, and Blacktips. Capt. Jeremy aboard “PLAYTIME” caught 2 Yellowfin tuna. Capt. Dale aboard the “FOOLISH PLEASURES” returned with 1 Yellowfin tuna. Capt. Mike on the “BILLS 4 BILLS” caught 17 Blue Tile fish, and 1 Golden Tile. Capt. Fred on the “GAME CHANGER” caught 5 Yellowfin tuna, and 1 Bluefin. Private boat “AMANDA MAYHEM” with Capt. Elliot returned with 1 Yellowfin tuna.

INSHORE Capt. John on the “OC GUIDE SERVICE” had a good day with 1 keeper flounder and plenty of throwbacks, as wells as 10 Cownose rays. Capt. Nick on the “GET SUM” returned with 4 keeper flounder and lots of throwback action.