July 17, 2014 – UPDATED

A great day of Bluefin fishing was had by all today. The “Last Call” caught a gaffer dolphin, and a bluefin tuna, but while fighting the bluefin, a tiger shark came up and ate it so they ended up releasing a tiger shark with a side of bluefin tuna. The “Fin-Ness” came back with 2 nice Bluefin tuna. The “Jade II” also caught bluefin, 3 of them. The “Playmate” caught a Dolphin, Yellowfin and 2 Bluefin tuna. The “Wrecker” came back with a dolphin and 3 Bluefin tuna. The “Moore Bills” fished in the Washington Canyon today and came back with 10 Yellowfin Tuna and 1 Dolphin. Good numbers of Bluefin being caught at the Hot Dog. Our bay boats, “Get Sum”, “Ivy Sea”, “OC Guide Service” and the “Bay Bee” are also having successful trips catching Flounder. Book a charter today with one of our many boats. 410-213-1121.