July 18, 2016

Offshore today, all of our captains did well. “HUSEVO” with Captain Mark got a Remora fish and 2 Blue fin tuna. “SPRING MIX II” with Captain Steve and “GAME ON” with Captain Jon both  had 1 Blue fin tuna. Captain Wayne on the “MUFF DIVER” came back with 4 Yellow fin today. “MOORE BILLS” with Captain Rob caught 5 Yellow fin and 3 Blue fin tuna. Captain Dale on the “FOOLISH PLEASURES” brought back 4 Blue fin tuna today.

Inshore today on the “GET SUM” with Captain Nick caught 2 Keeper Flounder and a decent amount of throwbacks. Captain John on the “OC GUIDE SERVICE” shot 2 nice Sting rays. “FISH FINDER” with Captain Mark got 2 Sharpnose sharks, and last but not least the “BAY BEE” with Captain Cale had 40 throwbacks for the day.