JULY 7, 2012 – BIG day for BIG EYE TUNA

July 7, 2012 – BIG day for the boats of OCFC!!!
Capt. Mark Radcliffe on the “FISH BONZ” was the first to arrive back to the docks and his crew offloaded a 193 pound Big Eye Tuna and after that they just got bigger!!!  Capt. Ed Kaufman of the “JADE II” and Capt. Jason Genthner on the “TIGHTEN UP” both came in with a 198 pound Big Eye Tuna.  The “TIGHTEN UP” also had 3 nice Yellow fin Tuna.  Capt. Rob Skillman on the “MOORE BILLS” arrived with not one but TWO Big Eye Tuna, a 215 pounder and a 200 pounder.  They also had 5 Yellow fin Tuna.  Then came in aboard the “FOOLISH PLEASURES” Capt. Dale Lisi with a 226 pound Big Eye Tuna, but that wasn’t all for them.  They also had a Blue fin Tuna and 3 Yellow fin Tuna.  Capt. Jeremy Blunt on the “SAMURAI I” also had a nice day offshore.  His crew came in with 255 pounds worth of Yellow fin Tuna.  Capt. Steve Pfeiffer on the “GAME OVER” released a White Marlin and came in with a Yellow fin Tuna.  Capt. Ron Taylor on the “PLAYTIME” and Capt. Dan Parncutt on the “GAME ON” both returned with a Blue fin Tuna.  Capt. Steve Reddish aboard the “BLUE RUNNER” released a White Marlin.  Capt. Mark “The Merciful” Sampson on the “FISH FINDER” released a Hammerhead Shark, 7 Dusky Sharks, 5 Spinner Sharks, 1 Sandbar Shark,  and 4 Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks.  The “GET SUM” with Capt. Nick Clemente caught 6 keeper Flounder on their morning trip, 7 keeper Flounder on their afternoon trip and 2 Rockfish on their sunset trip.  Capt. Cale Layton running the “BAY BEE” caught 3 keeper Flounder and 7 throwbacks on their morning trip and 4 keeper Flounder and 18 throwbacks in the afternoon.  The “MORNING STAR” with Capt. Monty Hawkins is still catching good numbers of Sea Bass and Flounder on their full day ocean wreck fishing trips.
25TH ANNUAL OCEAN CITY TUNA TOURNAMENT is this FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY.  Come check out the weigh-ins each day beginning at 4PM.  From the looks of the fish caught today, we should see a lot more just in time for the Tuna Tournament.  This will make for a very exciting event!!