June 10, 2016

It was a busy evening on the docks. Lots of Tuna, Dolphin and even a few White Marlin releases. Oh and the bay boats didn't do too shabby either!
Capt. Rob on the MOORE BILLS returned with 20 Yellowfin, 3 Dilphin and released lots of undersized tuna. The WRECKER with Capt. Jeremy came in with 12 Yellowfin tuna, 3 Dolphin and they released a White Marlin. Capt. Dale on the FOOLISH PLEASURES captured 12 Yellowfin tuna, 7 Dolphin and they also released a White Marlin. They also released lots of throwback tuna. Capt. Dale estimated 10,000 throwbacks!! 😜. Capt. Ron on the BILL$ 4 BILLS fished a half day and returned with 14 Seabass and 20 Tilefish.
Capt. John of the OC GUIDE SERVICE caught 5 keeper Flounder on his 4 hour bay trip. The BAY BEE with Capt. Cale caught 4 keeper Flounder this afternoon on his 1-5 trip and reported many throwbacks.