JUNE 22, 2015

Fishing was a bit slow today unless you were fishing for Tile Fish.  Capt. Ron Callis on the “Bill$ 4 Bills” came in with 56 Tile Fish, 1 Dolphin and 1 Rosie (See photo).

 Capt. Mark Robbins on the “Husevo” returned with 25 Tile Fish, 25 Seabass and 12 Dolphin.  Capt. Mark Sampson on the “Fish Finder” released 4 Sharpnose Sharks and 2 Dusky Sharks on his afternoon trip and caught some Shad and Rays on their morning trip.  Capt. Jeremy Shandrowski aboard the “Playmate” returned with Dolphin.  Capt. Jeremy Blunt on the “Wrecker” had a half day inshore trip this morning and caught 80 Bluefish and 2 Atlantic Bonito.  Capt. Wayne Bradford on the “Muff Diver” was still fighting a Big Eye Tuna as this is being written.  Capt. Cale on the “Bay Bee” caught 3 keeper Flounder and over 30 throwbacks.  Capt. Nick Clemente on the “Get Sum” caught 1 keeper Flounder and a bunch of throwbacks in the morning and had 3 keepers in the afternoon and a hand full of throwbacks.  Capt. Bill Kelly aboard the “Ivy Sea” caught 15 throwbacks.  Capt. John Prather of the OC Guide Service caught 1 keeper Flounder and lots of throwbacks.