June 28, 2016


Offshore, “HUSEVO” with Capt. Mark came back with 3 blue Fin tuna and 1 Mahi. Capt.Wayne on the  “MUFF DIVER” got 4 Mahi, 1 Blue Fin tuna, and 3 Yellow fin. Capt. Rob on the “MOORE BILLS” caught 4 Blue fin, and 2 Mahi. “WRECKER” with Capt. Jeremy brought back 4 Blue fin tuna and 2 Mahi. “PLAYMATE” with Capt. Jeremy returned with 3 Blue Fin tuna, and 2 Mahi.

Inshore on the “OC GUIDE SERVICE” Capt. John brought back 1 keeper flounder in the morning and plenty of throwbacks. Capt. Cale on the “BAY BEE” had few keepers but plenty of throwbacks. Capt. Nick on the “GET SUM” caught 2 keeper flounders and a good amount of throwbacks.