Holiday weekend or not our boats still went out and returned with keepers!

OFFSHORE Capt. Chris on the “SPRING MIX II” brought back 3 Mahi. Capt. Wayne on the “MUFF DIVER” returned with a Spanish Mackerel, 3 Bluefin tuna, and 1 Mahi. Capt. Jeremy on the “PLAYMATE” brought back 1 Bluefin tuna, and 1 Mahi. Capt. Rob on the “MOORE BILLS” brought back 1 Bluefin tuna. Capt. Jeremy aboard the “WRECKER” returned with 1 Bluefin tuna. Capt. Dale on “FOOLISH PLEASURES” returned with 2 Mahi. Capt. Mike on “BILLS 4 BILLS” brought back 4 Mahi. Capt. Mark on the “HUSEVO” caught 1 Bluefin tuna.

INSHORE Capt. Cale on the “BAY BEE” had a good day with tons of throwbacks. Capt. John on the “OCEAN CITY GUIDE SERVICE” had a successful bow fishing trip and got 3 Stingrays.