May 24, 2015 – Yellowfin and Sharks

It was another fantastic day on the ocean.  Capt. Mark Deimler on the “Reel Attitude” wrangled in a 174 pound Thresher shark.  Capt. Ron Taylor aboard the “Playtime” came in with a nice 302 pound Thresher shark.  Capt. Mark Radcliffe at the helm of the “Husevo” returned with a bunch of Seabass and Golden Tile fish.  The “Spring Mix II” with Capt. Steve Selander caught 5 Yellowfin Tuna.  Capt. Jon Yost aboard the “Game On” also came back the Yellowfin Tuna.  The “Fugitive” with Capt. Wayne Lauman caught Yellowfin tuna as well as Capt. Steve Pfeiffer on the “Game Over”.  Capt. Rob Skillman on the “Moore Bills” returned with 3 Yellowfin tuna.  Capt. Jeremy Shandrowski on the “Playmate” caught 7 Yellowfin.  Capt. Elliot Pomeranz aboard “Amanda May-Hem” captured 3 Yellowfin tuna.  Capt. Dave Raine on the “Rain E Daze” came in with a 197 pound Thresher shark.  The “Fish Finder” with Capt. Mark Sampson released a Mako shark, Blue Shark and a big 16 pound Bluefish.  The “Haulin' & Ballin'” with Capt. Ron Callis caught 7 Tilefish.  Capt. Jeremy Blunt at the helm of the “Wrecker” returned with 5 Yellowfin tuna.

Capt. Monty on the head boat  “Morning Star” had a good day of Seabass and Cod fishing.  Capt. Cale Layton on the “Bay Bee” is still catching good numbers of Flohnder in the bay.  Charter boats, “Get Sum” with Capt. Nick Clemente and the “OC Guide Service” the Capt. John Prather are also catching good numbers of Flounder in the bay.

The season is just beginning and available dates for charter fishing are going fast.  Give OC's Fishing Headquarters a call to get you on the fish this season.  (410) 213-1121.