FISHING REPORT – September 1, 2012
MARLIN!  MARLIN!  MARLIN!   There were lots of blue flags flying here at OCFC last evening.  Capt. Rob Skillman on the “Moore Bills” released 4 White Marlin.  Capt. Greg Ignash aboard the “Reel Addiction” released 2 White Marlin and came back with Dolphin.  Capt. Mark Radcliffe on the “Fish Bonz” released a White marlin as did Capt. Frank Pettolina on the “Last Call” and Capt. Ed Kaufman aboard the “Jade II”.  Capt. Dale Lisi on the “Foolish Pleasures” returned with Dolphin.  Our private boats did really well too!  Capt. Jeremy Blunt ran the “Lady J” and they released 4 White Marlin.  Capt. Scott on the “About Time” released 3 White Marlin.  Capt. Darin on the “Wayne’s World” caught his nephew and his friend each their first White Marlin, releasing 3 Whites and returning with a Dolphin.  Capt. Richard Carey on the “Lite Bite” also released 3 White Marlin.  Capt. Mark on the “Reel Attitude” released a White Marlin and Capt. Steve on the “Fishomatic” released 2 White Marlin.  If you want to catch a Marlin, book a trip with us because the bite is ON! (800) 322-3065. 
FLIES!  FLIES!  FLIES!  The only things that were caught more than Marlin yesterday were Flies!  You should’ve seen all the dead flies in the cockpits of the boats.  We’re surprised these crews didn’t need more blood after they returned.
The “Bay Bee” and “Get Sum” are still catching Flounder and Croaker in the bay.  The “Morning Star” is catching Sea Bass and Flounder in the ocean.