September 14, 2012

Still seeing quite a few marlin release flags flying when the boats return.  Our boats reported fishing in the Washington Canyon.  Capt. Frank Pettolina on the “Last Call” released 3 White Marlin.  Capt. Jason Genthner on the “Tighten Up” returned with 2 White Marlin releases.  Capt. Rob Skillman aboard the “Moore Bills” released 1 Blue Marlin, 2 White Marlin and returned with 4 Dolphin.  Capt. Mark Sampson on the “Fish Finder” caught Red Drum a few miles off of Assateague.  One of our private boats, the “Lunasea” released 2 White Marlin.  The “Bay Bee” and “Get Sum” are still catching good numbers of Flounder in the bay.