“Muff Diver” with Captain Wayne

Today we had two boats return from overnighters. The “Muff Diver” with Captain Wayne Bradford returned with 2 yellow fin tuna, 19 dolphin, and reported heavy shark action releasing over twenty sharks. On the second boat the “Moore Bills” Captain Rob Skillman returned with 2.5 yellow fin, two white marlin releases, and some dolphin. He also reported a fair amount of shark action as one of his yellow fin became dinner for a shark last night. On a normal day trip the “Reel Attitude” with Captain Mark Deimler returned with some dolphin and 2 yellow fin tuna. Last to return but not least was the “Wrecker” with Captain Jeremy Blunt who reported a dolphin. We failed to issue a report for Saturday September 13, 2014. Upon which the “Foolish Pleasures” with Captain Dale Lisi returned with 6 nice yellow fin tuna. On the “Moore Bills” Captain Rob Skillman released two white marlin. Bay fishing was better than it has been in a while today! The “Bay Bee” with Captain Cale Layton had 8 keepers on their morning trip the largest was 25” and weighed a little of 6 pounds. His afternoon trip did not disappoint with a total of 5 keeper flounder and some keeper bluefish! Captain Nick Clemente had a successful morning as well with 3 keeper flounder and some throwbacks. Right now the fishing is starting to pick up again and conditions are favorable to fish again! Don’t miss your opportunity to fish with Ocean City’s Premier Charter fleet today!!! If you would like to make a reservation or have any questions please feel free to give us a call or stop on in we would love to hear from you! (410) 213 1121