September 8, 2013

Yesterday we had more boats return from fishing overnighters than we had out fishing for the day. The guys aboard the “Lady J” returned to the docks first from their overnight trip offshore with 5 Big Eye Tuna. The largest weighing in at 237 pounds! The “Binnalce” returned from their overnight trip with 2 Dolphin, a Mako, a Yellowfin, a White Marlin (died during the fight), released another White Marlin and Alex Grapes caught and released his first Blue Marlin. The “Playtime” returned from their overnighter with 9 Yellowfin Tuna. The “Wrangler” also on an overnighter, returned with 8 Yellowfin Tuna, released a Mako (too small) and a cooler full of Tile Fish. The “Foolish Pleasures” caught 8 nice gaffer Dolphin on their overnight trip offshore. The “Blood, Sweat & Tears” caught a Longfin Tuna and released a White Marlin on their full day offshore adventure. The “No Limits” released 3 White Marlin and brought to the dock a Longfin and Dolphin. The bay boats are still catching Flounder. Come fishing with the “Bay Bee” or “Get Sum” for a nice family trip in the bay. All of our boats are still available 7 days a week and it seems that the fishing is still good. Give us a call to book a charter. (800) 322-3065.