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AUGUST 20TH 2016

AUGUST 20TH FISHING REPORT “SPRING MIX II” caught 1 Wahoo. “LAST CALL” returned with 10 Mahi. “MUFF DIVER” caught 1 Yellow Fin tuna and 3 Mahi. “WAYNES WORLD” came back to the docks with 2 Yellow fin tuna. “GAME ON” released 1 Blue Marlin along with a handful of Skipjack tuna. “GAME OVER” caught 1… Read more »

AUGUST 19TH 2016

AUGUST 19TH FISHING REPORT “HUSEVO” returned with one Mahi. “MUFF DIVER” released one White Marlin. “GAME ON” caught 5 Yellow Fin tuna and 9 False Albacore. “TALKIN TRASH” caught one Yellow Fin tuna. “GAME OVER” returned with 3 Mahi. “PLAYMATE” released 5 White Marlins. “FOOLISH PLEASURES” caught 8 Yellow Fin tuna. “HAULIN N BAULIN” released… Read more »

AUGUST 18, 2016

Offshore today we had 8 of our charter boats out.  Mahi and Yellow fins hit the docks hard today. “Muff Diver” and “Moore Bills” both brought back 5 Yellow Fin. “Game On”  came home with 8 Yellow Fin tuna and released a White Marlin. “Game Over” had a great day fishing with his crew putting… Read more »

AUGUST 11TH, 2016

Day 4 of the open today with a total of 242 boats fishing. The boat “GAME ON” came back with 2 Mahi, and released 1 White Marlin. “GAME OVER” caught 2 Mahi. “ANTICIPATION” released 3 White Marlin. “ASALT WEAPON” released 3 White Marlin and brought back 1 Mahi. “AMANDAS MAYHEM” returned to the docks with 6… Read more »

August 10, 2016

Day number 3 for the open today with 185 boats fishing. We had a total of 27 White releases, 22 dolphin,brought back, and a variety of sharks. The boat “Anticipation” and “Game On” released 4 whites today.”Haulin N' Baulin” and “Reel Direct” both released 2 whites. “Reel Direct” did bring 1 White to the scales… Read more »

AUGUST 8, 2016

Today marked the start of the 43rd Annual White Marlin Open. A majority of the slips were empty because a good number of boats were fishing. A total of 27 white marlin released between the boats today. The “Haulin-N-Baulin” put up a total of  7 release flags.  Three of those marlin were from the “Wrecker”… Read more »

AUGUST 6, 2016

AUGUST 6, 2016 FISHING REPORT OFFSHORE Captain Frank on the “LAST CALL” returned with 5 Mahi. Captain Wayne on the “MUFF DIVER” caught 3 Mahi and released 3 White Marlin. Captain John aboard “GAME ON” returned with 3 Yellow Fin tuna, 5 Bluefish, and 8 Bonita. “BILLS 4 BILLS” with Captain Ron came back to… Read more »

AUGUST 5, 2016

AUGUST 5, 2016 FISHING REPORT OFFSHORE“LAST CALL” with Captain Frank and his crew they got 9 Mahi, and released a Blue Marlin. Captain Rob on the “MOORE BILLS” returned with 3 Mahi.”FOOLISH PLEASURES” with Captain Dale caught 1 Yellow Fin tuna, and 1 Mahi. Captain Fred on the “GAME CHANGER” got 1 Mahi. “TALKIN TRASH”… Read more »

AUGUST 3RD, 2016

AUGUST 3RD FISHING REPORT OFFSHORE Capt. Dale aboard the “FOOLISH PLEASURES” returned with 2 Yellow Fin tuna and one Mahi. Capt. Jeremy on the “WRECKER” caught some Bluefish, 1 Mahi, and released a Dusky Shark as well as a Spinner Shark. Capt. John on the “GAME CHANGER” returned with 1 Yellow Fin tuna and 1… Read more »

AUGUST 2, 2016

OFFSHORECaptain  Mark on the “HUSEVO” caught 2 mahi. On “BILLS 4 BILLS” with Captain Ron and his crew they brought back16 mahi, 27 Blueline tile fish, 2 seabass, and 1 blue marlin release. “LAST CALL” with Captain Frank landed 2 yellow fin tuna. Captain Jon on the “GAME ON” got 4 yellow fin tuna. INSHORECaptain… Read more »

AUGUST 1, 2016

OFFSHOREIts a Mahi taco kind of night! “LAST CALL” with Captain Frank came back with 11 Mahi. Captain Wayne on the “MUFF DIVER” returned with 16 Mahi. “GAME CHANGER” with Captain Fred caught 1 Mahi, and Captain Dale on the “FOOLISH PLEASURES” got 1 Mahi, 1 Yellow fin, and a False Albacore. Captain Cale on… Read more »

JULY 27, 2016

Offshore today “SPRING MIX II” with Captain Chris returned with 3 Yellow fin tuna. Captain Wayne on the “MUFF DIVER” came back with 5 Mahi. Captain Jeremy aboard the “WRECKER” caught 5 Yellow fin. On the “BILLS 4 BILLS” with Captain Ron and his crew, they caught a variety of fish starting with 26 Blueline… Read more »

July 25, 2016

It was hot at the docks today, but gorgeous offshore! “SPRING MIX II” with Captain Steve caught 2 Yellow fin and a Mahi today. Captain Frank on the “LAST CALL” caught 2 Yellow fin as well. “MOORE BILLS” with Captain Rob brought back 4 Yellow fin tuna. “BILLS4BILLS” with Captain Ron got 1 Yellow fin,… Read more »


JULY 24TH FISHING REPORT OFFSHORE Capt. Mark on the “HUSEVO” returned with 7 Yellow fin tuna. Capt. Paul on the “SPRING MIX II” caught 3 Mahi and released a Blue Marlin. Private boat “TALKIN TRASH” caught 2 Mahi. Capt. Rob on the “MOORE BILLS” caught 12 Mahi. Capt. Jeremy on the “WRECKER” returned with 5… Read more »

JULY 22, 2016

JULY 22, 2016 FISHING REPORT OFFSHORE Capt. Jeremy on the “PLAYMATE” caught 2 Mahi. Capt. Ron on “PLAYTIME” caught 2 Bluefin tuna along with 2 gaffer dolphin. Capt. Mark aboard the “HUSEVO” returned with 1 Bluefin tuna and 3 Yellow fin tuna. Capt. Frank on the “LAST CALL” caught 7 Mahi. Capt. Rob on the… Read more »